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About the magazine KYUURI

This magazine KYUURI focuses on various essays written by scientists with the viewpoints of critical and historical reviews. (The magazine is issued periodically, but on no set schedule.)

The term “KYUURI” means “the ultimate principle in Japanese. Its origin rises from The Book of Changes—the I-Ching. This is one of the most ancient, influential and profound sources of Chinese wisdom. It was introduced as a kind of science by Confucians and scholars of western studies, or rangaku, in the Tokugawa period.

Furthermore, the conception of the “KYUURI” was historically established as western scientific basis for the later physical studies by Ogata Koan, Fukuzawa Yukichi and others through the late Tokugawa and the early Meiji periods.

Thus, in Japan’s history, the KYUURI’s spirit has been cultivated as the formative force of the new era, and as the guiding principle on how such force should be applied to change the conditions of our country in various ages.

From this standpoint, we started to publish the magazine KYUURI in the hope of finding the KYUURI’s “true” way in the modern era, through going even farther back through our philosophical line.

Even so, there is a certain belief that comes to be widely shared with a lot of readers. This belief is based on the inherent value of discussing wide-ranging subjects such as society, civilization, nature, arts, life, thought, philosophy and so on.

Therefore, we wish to proceed deeply into this belief, without abandoning our scientific viewpoints, and with respect for some great predecessors, Terada Torahiko, Nakaya Ukichiro, Yukawa Hideki, Tomonaga Shinichiro.

We would appreciate it if you would read the texts in their original form and also enjoy the cover of this magazine, into which is inserted beautiful pictures painted by scientists.

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